To conduct your business with information systems and technologies you must use your systems and software legally by licensing it with valid and original licenses from software and systems manufacturers.

Therefore, make sure you use your software and systems legally to ensure efficiency in your day-to-day operations, reduce the chances of cyber attacks, and get ongoing support from software and systems manufacturers for your licenses.

Licens your software and systems regularly to ensure your day-to-day work in the field of information technology.

To that end, seek our advice to provide you with original licenses from manufacturers and support for licensed software and systems.

Seven simple steps to secure the original license and that;

  1. tell us what software or system you want to license or what you need,
  2. within 24 hours we propose you the most suitable licenses for your needs together with our most favorable offer,
  3. confirm the acceptance of the offer and sign the mutual contract,
  4. within 5 days we send you the license for the required software or system,
  5. place the license on your software or systems,
  6. finally, transfer through bank transaction the invoice payment to us, and
  7. until the software or system license expires, we will support you.
We offer a wide range of software licenses or systems according to your needs.


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