Document and

Digitize your archive with scanned documentation in order to duplicate the copy of the documentation and have easy and fast access, as well as search the content of the document through search engines in digital formats.

The process of digitizing documentation requires dedication and accuracy in scanning the documentation to duplicate the copy in digital format as best as possible in organizing the scan.

Direct archiving of documentation in digital format enables easy use of scanned documents in the future.

Digitization of documentation means scanning a document to copy it electronically digitally. The steps to be taken to digitize a document should include the following processes;

  • the purpose of the document scan,
  • archiving the scanned document,
  • accessibility of the archived document,
  • save the digitized document to the default archive, and
  • duplicate a copy of the digitized document to provide an additional copy of the document.

LABELA Team, with its experienced team specialized in the field of IT offers cooperation for the development and implementation of various projects in the field of IT activity, which includes the conversion and storage of your documentation in electronic form, scanning them with care, digitize the complete format of documentation with supporting materials, photographs, questionnaires in all formats with modern equipment and where we calculate the digitization of written books.

Digitization of documents, adds their value, facilitates its use and benefit from:

  1. Document Management, Organization, Structuring and Optimization,
  2. Convenient duplication and archiving of digitized documents,
  3. Organizes, Regulates and Systematizes for their efficient use,
  4. Provides proper classification of them,
  5. Easy and fast access to the right information,
  6. A quick search of documents and their content,
  7. Prevents deterioration and damage to documents,
  8. Improves the quality of damaged documents,
  9. They made them eternal,
  10. Reduces archiving space, and
  11. Optimize your costs for this essential activity with historical features for future generations.


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