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About LABELA Team

LABELA Team is a private family business established on 18.10.2013 and after proper preparations have started its effective business during the year 2018.

We monitor and follow the new achievements and advancements in the field of IT and are committed to their use for the benefit of the general social welfare, as well as monitor other technological achievements which are related to information technology for production at their optimal cost.

Our main goal is to provide ongoing; technical, managerial, and supply support for the use of existing IT programs and the planning, design, and implementation of new projects related to them and other product groupings.

LABELA Team, in addition, to support; technical, managerial, and supply in the service of information technology, we also support new achievements in the field of renewable energy, processor equipment, etc.

For more information on the fields of our business activities, you can be informed in a special section of this portal; Services.

The organizational scheme of our business activity is realized through these departments;

Primary activity
I. IT products, and
II. IT sector consulting services.

Secondary activity
I. Renewable energy products, and
II. Machinery, equipment, and spare parts for maintenance.

LABELA Team, as a business subject

LABELA Team, today employs 4 managerial persons for business management and engages from time-to-time additional staff for specific jobs related to the signed contracts.

We are constantly striving to expand our product and service sales program to meet the needs of our business partners, regardless of the industry in which they work.

LABELA Team is registered at the Kosovo Business Registration Agency, at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for business; partnership, representation, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Company headquarter is in private open and closed property: Neighbourhood: Bërnicë e Epërme no. 56, Bardhosh, 10520 Pristina, Kosovo.

Banking transaction account: Banka Ekonomike, Kosovo
Address: Shesi Nena Tereze, p.n., Prishtina 10000, Kosovo
Phone No.: +383 38 / 500 – 500
E-mail: & URL:

Board members:
Mr. Labinot, MSc of Informatics, founder and business administrator,
Mr. Sami, Certified Accountant, Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Ms. Xhevrije, MSc in Electrical Engineering, project leader, and
Mr. Besfort, BA in Finance and Banking, Bookkeeping-Accounting and Financial Reporting.

Founder - Labinot Hasani, MSc in Informatics
Executive Director
"I am honored to have been given the opportunity to establish and manage the private family company LABELA Team through which we will present our potential to focus on providing optimal and innovative solutions in its field of specialization bringing quality and sustainable long-term value of interest to our business partners.

I, constantly commit to building a high culture of daily work with our specialized team to guarantee sustainable long-term success with our projects and to advance the level of the company for the future with care, accuracy and dedication to be ready to address the requirements of our partners with the right seriousness and speed."

The motto of our work is; "We welcome the trust for your requests and we assure you of our most care to meet them."


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Some of the business

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Working hours:
Monday – Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00


Bernice e Eperme, no. 56,
Bardhosh, 10.520 Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo